International scientific and practical seminar "World War II and the partisan movement in the North"

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On 22 October 2021 in the frame of the 11th “Days of Russian-Norwegian Cross-Border Cooperation” an international scientific-practical seminar will be organized under the heading:  “The Second World War and the Partisan Movement in the North”. A seminar devoted to the 80 anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. The seminar will take place on the base of the Museum of Local Lore of the Pechenga municipality district of Murmansk region.

The seminar is organized by: UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Barents Institute); Administration of the Pechenga municipality district: Museum of Local Lore of the Pechenga municipality district.

The seminar will be opened by: Andrey Kuznetsov, Mayor of the Pechenga municipality district, Murmansk region; Lena Bergeng, Mayor of Sør-Varanger municipality; Anastasia Ruzaeva, Attaché at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Kirkenes; Håkon Kristensen Moe, Consul at the Consulate General of Norway in Murmansk; and Bjarge Schwenke Fors, Director of the Barents Institute, UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Russian and Norwegian scholars-historians, local historians, specialists from museums and librarians are invited to take part in the seminar.

The historical scope of the seminar comprises the events of the Second World War that took place in Northern Russia and Northern Norway. The central topic is the importance of the Partisan movement in the struggle against Nazi-Germany. 

There will be simultaneous translation Norwegian-Russian and Russian-Norwegian during the seminar.



973 дня назад
22 October 2021 13:00–15:00

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